my dream room

We all say that the beginning of 2010 is our fresh start but this is mine. Saturday is the day! & i can't wait :D

I've never had my own big room, I shared a medium sized room with my sister for years and then moved into one where i can barely move about in it. So you can imagine how excited i am to move into not only my own place but a huge room! It even has a roof terrace attached :)

I'v been working hard on getting all of the cute little bits together for my dream room :) :) it's exciting! So i thought i'd share with you a few of the bits and bobs I have, those on the list left to get and a few 'i wish' items too..

First being a black metal or leather kingsize bed

But.. the house we've got is part furnished and I already have a pine bed in the mahoosive room that is going to be mine.. Will kind of ruin the look i want for the room but my best friend and I are going to manipulate it to what I want..ish! Ideas welcome!! :)

I have this duvet set                            and want this one too :)

I got this pillow for christmas.. mum knew exactly what I wanted :P She got me the duvet set too.
Also have 2 square black satin cusions

White dressing table with all sorts of goodies on it.. to be shown in a seperate post :)

White vintage bed side tables, chest of drawers and wardrobe.
These are very much i wish items as i just can't afford them at the moment, i'll have to make do for a while.

Black Shelves for perfume and dvds, to be made by my housemate :) He's a carpenter.

White wooden shoe rack, at the moment i have a metal one but that will soon be going

Black Coat and hat stand.. on order!

Mannequin with black and maybe silver on it too .. i wish!

The elephant doorstop I bought on etsy :D

I'll have a low dark brown 3 seater leather sofa at the foot of my bed, though i'm not sure when i'm going to get this just yet. But i shouldn't complain as i don't have to pay for it :)

I have also very kindly been given a rather large tv. I havn't actually seen it yet but I can't wait to pick it up on saturday :D
(people are being so generous! i must remember to buy /make thankyou cards!)

I have a stack of 8 black plastic drawers that i store all of my makeup in, but am thinking i need another set of 4 to go with them now. I like to be organised and having bronzers in with blushers etc is annoying me :s

This set of 3 mini suitcases will store paperwork, medicines etc and receipts :)

I found this on ebay & am going to store either my hair brushes or make up brushes in it.. havn't decided yet but i'm looking out for another jug the same sort of style :)

That's about it for now. I could bore you with all of the other pretty things that are to make up my room but maybe i'll just show you when it's finished instead?

Hope you all had a great wednesday!

♥ abby xx


  1. oooh love the ideas will look great! xoxo

  2. You must have 1 hell of a big ass room for all that stuff to fit in it! Mines a matchbox compared to this lol! x

  3. Wowww love everything, your making me jelous! I really want my own place so I can decorate! XO

  4. i've just fallen in love with the dressing table and the bed side tables too <3


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