a lush wishlist

Lush cosmetics is one of those stores that everyone has heard of and tried at least something from, be it a bath bomb, moisturising cream or lip balm. With that in mind and the winter collections launching I have picked out some of the products everyone loves and some to have a go at.

a favourite
The sparkly pumpkin bubble bar is a firm favourite of mine thanks to it's reusable nature, that it's covered in glitter and the citrus elements to the ingredients that don't offer the strong citrus scent. Like last year, i'll be stocking up on Sparkly Pumpkin before it leaves the shelves again.
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one to try
With pumpkin being a theme i'm a fan of it only makes sense to try a pumpkin bath bomb. Unlike the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar this bath bomb has scents and ingredients that I already know I love; vanilla and cinnamon. Perfect in drinks and food so why not in a bath bomb.
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a refreshed version of an old fav
As the pink colour would suggest, this amended version of the sparkly pumpkin bubble bar is set to be a lot more floral that the original. The pink pumpkin bubble bar has geranium, bergamot, and jasmine which offer a very feminine scent.
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soothing and relaxing
Last Christmas the snow angel bath melt graced my bath a number of times because it felt so luxurious and left my skin super soft with just the right amount of glitter.
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a glittery melt
Said to be comparable to the snow angel in it's results but with much more glitter and sparkle. It's more zesty than the snow angels scent as the star contains lime and ginger so if you prefer ginger over cocoa then the star light star bright bath melt is the one to choose.
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another old favourite
A bubble bar has to be the best way to enjoy bath-after-bath during the winter months and magic of christmas bubble bar is a great one for it with it's perfectly christmassy spice decorated with bells.
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festive relaxation
For a more luxurious christmas bath time the tree-d bath oil ought to do it.
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tried and tested
Having used (and loved) the scrubee body butter it's very similar to Buffy (see here). Both are body butter with a scrub containing almonds and cocoa butter but the adorable Scrubees also have coconut oil and shea butter making it a more nourishing product.
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a winter necessity
Every autumn and winter requires a scrub for almost every part of the body with lips being high on the priority list. Honey lip scrub is simple and sweet and works a treat on already dried out or drying lips.
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something new for your face
Just to clarify jelly face mask is a favourite new product that leaves my skin feeling smoother, cleaner and like it's actually doing something to help my breakouts. Even in the morning the quality of my skin feels improved offering a better base for makeup.
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a twist on a staple scent
Everyone (I assume) loves snow fairy and for those who are also a far of a soap bar rather than liquid the snow fairy naked body conditioner is another great product with that favourite scent. As you'd assume, the body conditioner is super skin softening and hydrating, absolutely perfect for this time of year.
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♥ abby


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