beauty trends this summer

Beauty trends come and go and some of them can be pain to keep on top of but this summer the trend seems to be all about making beauty easily manageable and that's very apparent in this collection of skincare and makeup beauty trends. All are easy to follow and save time, money or both. A great excuse to get on board with the latest hype!

spa days
Something that can help to look after your skin as well as mind and body is a spa day and with beautiful new spas popping up over the country along with great deals on spa days and getaways becoming an increasing feature in your email box it's hard not to notice this trend worth trying!

sheet masks
This growing trend probably has something to do with the wide range of cute animal faces that are coming about. But in all seriousness, sheet masks are efficient and effective which seems to be why they have grown in popularity. They offer a minimal clean-up compared with the majority of face mask types, are quick and easy to apply and are available for all sorts of treatment types.

in-shower tanning lotion
If you're looking for a more natural gradual tan then a tanning lotion that offers a slower progression is the way. Moisturising and self-tanning can be a complete chore so to make it easier for yourself opt for one of the in-shower tanning lotions on the market.

smudged eyeliner
A nice easy makeup trend to start off with, smudgy eyeliner is the look everyone wants to be a thing and guess what... now it it. A wise stylist somewhere decided that this is going to be an in thing by throwing it down the runway and handful of times and now we all get to experience the ease that is a smudged line or two on our lids. Think black and brown but don't forgot the blues, purples and greens for a more stand-out summer party look.

dewy skin
Deciding on a dewy or matte finish to your face makeup is an important step at the start of your routine and lets face it a dewy complexion is easier to maintain than a matte one, especially as the weather begins to get better and the sun shines on us.

face tan
There are a number of options available when considering face tanning, starting with the standard tanning with a mitt using a face tan version of your preferred self-tanning lotion. You could also consider a gradual face tanning lotion or a concentrated drop of tanning product that you can add to your everyday moisturiser, serum or oil. If you're not quite brave enough for that then a tinted moisturiser with an SPF will offer you a natural looking face tan as well as the sun protection you need to naturally tan.

A continually growing trend, microblading has given the opportunity to have a happy-medium between tattooed eyebrows and tinted eyebrows. Not quite permanent but permanent enough to last a long time and look fantastic when done by the right beauty expert (and they really do have to be an expert).


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