keeping your skin hydrated during the winter months

When you don't have the time nor energy to moisturise properly throughout the week, it's time to come up with easy ways to keep your skin hydrated during the winter months.

drink more water
The easiest, most simple and effective way to hydrate is simply to drink more water. We all know how important it is to drink water and there's no need to go overboard, just drink what you need to - your recommended daily amount should do the trick.

use moisturising oils 
It's not unusual to forget to moisturise regularly, we all do it. Moisturising can feel like such a chore when it's cold, so try using a shower oil in the morning or pop some almond oil for skin in your bath before bed. Bathing in a very hot bath during winter isn't recommended because it can strip the skin and hair of it's moisture, so by popping a little oil in your bath you can add moisture back into your skin again while enjoying a relaxing warm bath.

multi-task with a mask
Spend time on your chill-day i.e. Sunday with a face or hair mask on. Opt for a hydrating, nourishing or moisturising mask that you can leave on for a short time while doing things about the house or even just watching your favourite show on Netflix.

treat yourself
Head to the spa for the morning and enjoy a treatment or two that will get the blood pumping around your body, add moisture and hydrate you. Spend some time in the steam room rather than sauna if you do opt for one of them. A steam room will hydrate you because the humidity is so high, plus it can help with winter cold symptoms like congested sinuses and a sore dry throat.

There are of course many other ways to keep dry skin at bay such as, avoiding certain skin products, wrapping up warm and using humidifiers so if you are struggling to keep your skin hydrated this winter then give these easy tips a go.

♥ abby


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