christmas, new years and 2017

Christmas is all but over and 2017 is fast approaching. The Baileys has run out so the cocktails are being mixed. New years is here so it must mean that it's time for sparkly drinks, confetti and even more sparkly outfits so while I prep my face for a wave of glitter I'm sipping on a sweet tasting cherry Corky's mixed with some lemonade - it tastes exactly like cherryade but better!

Not being one who likes to make rules that take effect at the stroke of midnight I thought I'd share some short reflections that I've been mulling over and applying to my life in small doses for the last month or so.

I'm aiming to be a better version of myself - a healthier eater, a better friend and a water drinker with a more relaxed approach to life and focus on what I want to do.

I want to blog more (time dependent ofcourse). It makes me happy, focusses me and gives me a good creative outlet that I can use when I need a distraction or want to do something productive with my lazy days.

2017 is when I will be getting married. That's the biggest thing of all.
As for everything else... well that's just a bonus. :)

That's it... Told you they were short!

I hope that you all have a great new year whatever you're doing and a really lovely 2017.

Thank you for reading :)

♥ abby


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