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It's been a long time since I kept on top of these posts, but it's been a long time since I had a decent blogging schedule so that's to be expected. This collection of 'things' seem to be my happy distractions of late and I found it nice to distract myself from everyday problems by sitting and having a think about some material things I love so I think I'll try harder to publish these posts more regularly.

ted baker purses
I received these two pretties for my birthday and I'm obsessed with the rose gold metal details, cream leather inner and black and grey rose print fabric.

doughnut notebook
This Paperchase glitter doughnut notebook is home to wedding planning details, figures and brainstorms so it currently lives in my handbag and comes with me most places as I try to make headway with our plans.

asos black chokers
My little collection of black chokers is growing which is completely necessary because i'm wearing one almost every day at the moment. The three pictured are from asos, here.

minty lip balms
One thing you may not know is how much I love mint. From chewing gum and Trebor extra strong to  peppermint tea, After Eights and lip balms. The eos soft mint is a lip balm I'm using at home at the moment but I have the normal mint in my car and Burts Bees beeswax with peppermint in my handbag because I'm obsessed.

rose gold shoes
I never would've thought I'd like a pair of flats like this so much but these pointed toe flats are gorgeous, especially with the lace up detail. I bought them on asos months ago and now they've been reduced - find them here.

uevo soft gloss
I've blogged about this product and others in the series before (here) and I recently rediscovered it as a way to take the edge off my frizz, set my curls and give them just the right about of shine. It's not a product that's easy to come by but you can find Uevo here.

bardot tops
Off the shoulder is something a lot of people are loving at the moment and having been a big fan of the off-the-shoulder style for a long time it's great to see so many styles on the highstreet for me to lust over (and buy!) without having to hunt around for me.

jeffrey campbell boots
I love these boots so much. From the pointed toe to the colour, the elastic ribbed leather sides, embossed toe cap/heel detail and the notch cut out of the wooden block here - these boots are just awesome. And now I want them in black too.

my dressing room
My dressing room was gutted completely and redecorated and not I can't get enough of it. There are a few details to be changed and things left to buy (I still need more hangers and a suitable coloured stool) but I'm spending a lot of time in there, even more time getting ready in the mornings and ready for bed at night, it's my favourite room of the house.

homemade burgers
I've become pretty good at making these awesome towered burgers with all the wonderful trimmings. Granted i'd still rather go to a Sizzler or Gourmet Burger etc any day but these aren't half bad.. especially when I top them totally to each of our tastes. Sometimes we'll both have crispy bacon, onion rings, tomatoes and cheese (with the addition of avocado or american mustard on mine) and other times i'll go for a mexican with homemade spicy salsa and guacamole, some sour cream and jalepenos. I'm getting hungry just thinking about how good they are!

Less than 'lately' but Peonies seemed to be everywhere in July which I loved! So had a fresh bunch every week for quite a while and now I really miss having them around which is why they get a mention. Time to get out the ranunculus instead I think.

tv shows
I wish I could say that I have a book to talk about in this blog post but once again I've managed to avoid getting lost in a good book which is pretty disappointing. Must try harder! Instead I've found myself addicted to Dexter (again), Luke Cage and Zoo.

♥ abby


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