craving: gold details

I'm really into gold at the moment, rose gold, yellow gold, antique gold - I want it all! So much so that I'm slowly created an outlet for my obsession in each room of the house, so far my lounge and dining room house rose gold shades while my dressing room (and soon to be bedroom) have yellow/antique gold accents everywhere. My jewellery and accessories are no different as I have a healthy collection of gold and rose gold accessories but I can always add more!

Amongst these beautiful gold accessories I've got the likes of Versace, Moschino and Vivienne Westwood, all of which make incredible pieces that I'm always dying to get my hands on.

I've been eyeing up the odd Vivienne Westwood Bracelet and have fallen for the gold bangle I found on Garment Quarter. It's finished with the iconic Vivienne Westwood orb with enamel detailing on either end making it the perfect amount of class to add to any outfit. I love it!

I've been looking for some hot gold sunglasses because I have gold trim aviators but that's all. I'd love a pair of fully gold sunglasses, be it aviators wayfarers or another style and these two pairs from Linda Farrow are awesome!

♥ abby


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