little things & happy distractions: may & june

I realise May and June seem like such a long time ago (because they were) but I've been a busy little bee! I'll post my July and August favourites / life update at the end of this month so for now here are some snaps of new things, things I love and a little bit of what I've been upto while away from the blog!

versace sunglasses
I finally got around to buying some prescription sunglasses and so ofcourse I had to get some all round beauties. These Versace bad boys are pretty huge and I love them so much! I primarily needed prescription sunnies for driving because it was getting a bit dangerous driving hope with the sun shining so brightly.

tangle teezer
The tangle teezer has been my saving grace ever since I bought one all of those years ago and so I thought it was time to get a new one. This is the original in lemon sorbet and it's a little smaller than my original purple glittery one but it fits my hand perfectly and I love it. They glide through my messy (and sometimes unconditioned) hair be it wet or dry. It'd take a lot to pry my tangle teezer from my hands!

midi skirts
I'm obsessed with mid skirts. I think throughout the last few months I must've bought 5 new midis just so that I can wear one almost every day of the week for work and at home. Things have calmed down a little now (thanks to the mixed weather) but I still love them hell of a alot. :D

travelling - budapest
I finally went for my first ever girls only holiday! My good friend had her hen weekend away in Budapest and it was awesome! I'm determined to get more girly breaks in like this because we had such a lovely time. It was great to explore Budapest during the day as well as experience the night life... which is awesome btw. There's a place called Instant which was the most incredible club/pub that used to be a ruin and it's the place to be and place to dance - I want to go back!

travelling - LA, Cali
Wow. What can I say about California aside from the fact that I want to move there?! I'd love to go and explore more and I'd actually like to live there but that's a bit of a delusional dream in my current circumstances. The two weeks were super hot (including 3 days of record breaking temperatures), full of great food, plenty of shopping and sight seeing.

new hair
I got my hair cut a while back now and I'm still completely smitten with it. I waited some time to get an appointment with an incredible local hairdresser who has the best reputation for complete hair makeover and rescues which is exacly what I needed. Wow did she deliver! She gave me exactly what I wanted and more, from the unique way in which she cut to the beautiful balayage finish and even the styling she left me with.

daniel wellington watch
I've had this beauty for some time now but I don't think I ever featured in on a favourites post. I've been wearing my Daniel Wellington every day since my boyfriend gave it to me as a gift and my MK rose gold chronograph now sits in my jewellery cabinet making appearances on special occasions or nights out where I need something a bit more dressy. Next step for this watch is a new strap I think so that I can switch it up.

lip balm and tea tree
Forever favourites, the eos raspberry sorbet lip balm and superdrug blended tea tree oil have featured in favs posts before and with my still carrying them everywhere I go and using them daily I'm happy to include them both over and over again.

earring frame
At the beginning of June I found myself with too many studs and I decided to do some crafting with the help of my boyfriend and a glue gun I made this cute stud earring holder from a simple gold frame and a piece of organza.

My obsession with this stationery, gift and homeware store grows every time I look at the website. It's full or quirky and cute things from diamond wire hanging lights to unicorn bobble headed pens to dream catcher making kits.

tigi catwalk purple shampoo and conditioner
Following the restyle of my hair and on Rosie's recommendation I needed to get hold of a purple shampoo and being a fan of Tigi I thought I'd try their

dior brow pencil
Having used up my Brow Wiz I bought this Dior pencil on a whim in duty free when travelling to Budapest. The Diorshow is as fine as the brow wiz with good staying power and a spot on shade for my brows.

garnier oil
A regular favourite, the Garnier ulitimate beauty oil does me no wrong and is my go-to glowy moisturiser - perfect for shiny tanned pins under one of my many midi's.

the musketeers & reign
Two shows I've been watching on Netflix and catch-up... I love them both and would recommend watching them to anyone.

pretty little liars
PLL infuriates me and yet I love it so being able to visit parts of the set at Warner Bros Studios was amazing. We went past the Dilaurentis house, walked through Emily's front door into the lounge that the car crashed into and even got a chance to enter a sound studio to walk through the hall of Rosewood High into Alison's classroom and the most exciting part was popping into The Brew! It's definitely a place I want to hang out.

So Greg Davies is funny (sorry, Lord Greg Davies ha!) and the comedians he has on the show are funny too. Pair funny people with ridiculous and funny tasks and you've got such a hilarious show! I'm always in fits and I love it. :D

That's about it for now.. lots of happy things and lots of little bits too with July and August to come very soon with all sorts of great things included.

♥ abby


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