pearly pink & rose gold glitter nails

This Essie beauty was bought for me by my sister, it's a pearly pink that is so subtle and pretty that I can't get enough of it. Pink and gold is a recurring theme in my life at the moment so I thought it only right to try some gold glitter polish with the pale pink and I couldn't be happier with the result

I've worn this combination a few times now, using 3 coats of tea and crumpets and 2 graduated coats of the rose gold lux effects, summit of style.

Actually described as a 'frosted beige' I see tea and crumpets as a pale metallic pink but very different to the other light pink and nude polishes I own. The closest I have is spin the bottle - a pretty light pink that dries as a simple block colour rather than with a metallic finish.

These are the most perfectly pretty nails, bridal almost. I may just add it to the list of ideas for mine and my bridesmaids nails. :)

♥ abby


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