wedding planning: the theme

Having started with writing about choosing a wedding venue the next step would be to talk about the theme you're going for.

Decided pretty much from the get go on your colour theme makes everything go a little more smoothly as it's easier to make decisions knowing colours and the metal that will be used regularly throughout the day. Once making that decision you'll be able to keep an eye out for coloured pieces, particularly where certain details are concerned, like accessories for the bridal party

bridesmaid dresses
One of those wedding rules that you're supposed to abide by for everything to run smoothly is not to order your bridesmaids dresses online without their input or even their knowledge, but rules are meant to be broken and it can work out well so don't shy away from hunting online for your girls dresses. Granted you may need to make alterations to the fit or sew a lining into each skirt but alterations are often made to store-bought items too so do what is best your you and your budget. Make sure that all of the dresses fit the girls well before deciding to keep themand ofcourse that your bridesmaids feel comfortable in the style you've selected - remember not everyone likes a short dress or are on-board with a slit skirt.

bridal shoes
If you're the type of bride that is a bit obsessed with shoes then you've probably been looking at this wedding element for a long time. When it comes to shopping for your wedding dress and shoes it is very much a chicken and egg situation. You need the shoe height for the fitting of your dress but you need your dress style before deciding on shoes. Choose whichever option is right for you but don't let a great pair pass you buy just because you haven't got your shoes yet. Some brides like to have their dream shoes ready in order to try them on with potential wedding dresses so look into white shoes or even the colour of your theme, a blush or nude coloured shoe can go perfectly well under the right dress. Opting to wear a gorgeous pair of branded heels that you can love forever is the next step if shoes are your thing. So falling for a pair of beautiful Michael Kors shoes on Spartoo is perfectly harmless. This patent nude pair are simple and elegant and while you often don't get to see the brides shoes, they will be seen if you want them to be seen (and probably when walking up any steps).

groom and ushers ties
Continuing with the colour theme incorporate your chosen shade/s into something the boys can wear so that the ushers and bridesmaids outfits work well together. Finding a tie and pocket square set is the easiest way to ensure a matching set and if bought from the same place as the bridesmaid dresses you could even ensure they match them too. Although different materials it is possible to get a good colour match across your different details so have a look around and don't be afraid to ask.

These three elements to a wedding represent how a colour theme can work throughout your big day alongside decorative details like flowers, chair decoration and centre-pieces.

♥ abby


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