new in: agate earrings

The cliche of being a magpie is a popular one but I'd describe myself as just that, I'm attracted to shiny things, metallic finishes and jewellery, all the jewellery. So it makes sense that my next new-in blog post would be about silver pieces that I've added to my jewellery cabinet.

While i'm especially into wearing gold earring combinations at the moment I've fallen hard for these sterling silver beauties with agate centres. The polished agate stone appears to have a marble-like appearance similar to that which seems to be everywhere at the moment which pretty much makes me on trend, right? Either way, these large agate and silver studs are beautiful and they go with so many outfits which means I'm wearing them a lot (as you may see from my instagram moving forward.)

These pretties are from a jewellery store called Henryka that specialises in amber and sterling silver pieces. It's worth a look through to find some real gems like these.

Hope you're enjoying this 'new in' feature. :)

♥ abby


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