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I'm well into buying items to redecorate our lounge now, my recent post featuring a blush and copper wish list inspired me even further to go out and buy cushions, throws, photo frames and more things that tie in with our new look. One thing I missed out of my discussion on the living room, aside from the obvious absence of furniture, was candles.

Our home is littered with candles from scented tea lights in holders to big jars or those that stand alone, we have a sizeable love for beautiful smelling and decorative candles. Having a dog we like to light scented candles on a regular basis as it's much nicer rather than having air fresheners on all of the time so i'm always looking for new ones to add to the stock pile that we're constantly working through.

Naturally my go-to brand is Yankee Candle, especially for in jar candles. I've tried many different brands and they seem to burn the longest using the full amount of wax rather than burning straight down. I also adore the scents and am always looking for new smells or new places to buy them from. All of these large jar candles are from Yankee Candle Deutschland and the most intriguing one for me is the Wedding Day scent. The description says that it is a sophisticated and soothing blend of florals and subtle fruits which to me sounds like something I absolutely need to have and to smell.

Salted Caramel is a favourite sweet scent of mine, next to Vanilla Cupcake of course which is currently burning a-top our fire place. I love a bit of salted caramel and Christmas and the lattes they offer in Costa are fantastic so to have our home smelling of this is so lovely!

Vanilla Lime and Cinnamon Stick are another two of my favourites that I enjoy having around the house throughout the year. Vanilla lime is my go to scent for the house when we have guests over because it has the traditionally sweet scent of vanilla with the fresh and zesty lime element.

My new lounge decor will be blush pink, copper, grey and white so Wedding Day, Peony, Vanilla, Summer Scoop, Champaca Blossom and Fireside Treats are perfect for the look i'm going for - however I'm sure that I can sneak a large Vanilla Lime Yankee Candle jar in somewhere..

♥ abby


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