little things & happy distractions lately

Okay so it's a bit a late for February favourites and as we're nearing on the end of March I'd say that this collection of little things comes from a combined love across both months.

leather jacket layering
Rather than wearing as coat all of the time I've been layering up underneath my leather jackets and keeping warm that way. It's been nice to be able to choose from my selection of biker jackets again and get some good wear of of them.

rotating curler
I've been using the Ruby Irresistible Me rotating curler recently, it's a unique tool because of the rotating barrel that makes curling my hair much easier than I've ever found it to be before. The barrel turns using left, right and reset buttons making it super easy to wrap my hair around it while keeping my hand from being close to the hot part for too long - which is great because in the past I've burnt my fingers on many occasions.

zara fringed boots
Probably my most favourite boots that I've ever purchased, fringed, beige, stacked wood heel and silver detailing - they're beautiful and what makes them even more so is that I found them in the Zara sale after falling for them when they first came in store.

chickpeas and guac
My obsession with chickpeas lives on, roasted chickpeas in-particular with a little paprika, chilli and seasoning! My favourite accompaniment with them at the moment is my homemade guacamole which I think is pretty great though I'm actually the only person who has ever tried it.

boux avenue
Shopping lingerie at my local Boux Avenue store is a favourite of mine.

miss patisserie face oil
I've talked about Miss Patisserie on here a few times, my love for their bath time products is especially strong and I really like the face oil I'm using at the moment. It's the Goji Face Oil that I've taken a shine to and mostly because of the lack of shine it gives me, I've found that it's been helping with my uneven skintone as well as general skin quality which is great.

biore pore strips
Both my boyfriend and I are equally disgusted when we pull off our nose pore strip each time so I had to include the Biore ultra deep cleansing strips in my favourites for both of our noses sake.

body shop drops of youth
The Body Shop drops of youth collection launched a little while ago now and I've been using the youth cream as a daytime moisturiser and the sleeping mask during the night.

I'm pretty obsessed with Pinterest, especially as far as everything 'wedding' goes. I have a zillion secret boards that I'm always filling with ideas for our special day and a very special honeymoon - secret so that details stay a surprise to my friends and family that follow me. As well as wedding inspo I have a selection of beauty, hair and phone background boards that I love to pin awesome things to. :)

♥ abby


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