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I'm back with a dog themed post to introduce you to something that myself and Milo love. So Happy New Year, and I hope you like it.

With Milo such a huge part of our lives it's no wonder he costs us the amount of money he does each month. When you consider all of the things he needs; from food to pet insurance as well as any flea treatments or tasty treats and all of the other bits and bobs, Milo costs us quite a lot of money month-on-month - though we do pay a little less than the average person who owns a large dog but that's because we're lucky enough to have a pet store manager in the family. :)

Overall our pets can cost a good chunk of money on a regular basis so when I heard about how Wagglepets combines everything you need for a happy healthy dog into a monthly package I thought it was pretty brilliant. This isn't your average pet subscription box, because instead of a surprise box of goods the Wagglepets subscription quite literally supplies you with everything you need for your dog including pet insurance.

During the first month of our Wagglepets subscription we received enough dry food for an entire month (Milo eats on average a full 20kg bag), multiple bags of Pedigree Dentastix (1 a day for a month), plenty of poo bags, a box of treats, a Whistle activity tracker and I initiated his new pet insurance with More Than.

Then during December we received another month's worth of dry food and poo bags as well as a tube of treats, more Dentastix, a large chew/pull toy, a calendar and of course his second month of pet insurance. We also continued the use of the Whistle activity tracker.

We really love the activity tracker by a brand named 'Whistle' because it allows us to keep an eye on Milo's movements throughout the day while we're at work but most importantly it means that we can make sure that he gets a healthy amount of exercise each day (which is especially good if we happen to be away on holiday).

With large dogs costing the average person over £140 a month it's really interesting to use the pet calculator to see how much your furry best friend costs you and if you can work on bringing that number down using the Wagglepets membership.

To receive 50% off your first box click here and use the code ABBY50.

♥ abby


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