thoughts on mio skincare

Skincare is one of those things that we all do (or atleast we should do) so I often find myself picking up new brands depending on offers or if they're new. I'd only heard of Mio because of Mama Mio which is skincare specific to pregnant women, a friend mentioned how much they liked using Mama Mio so I thought the everyday skincare range was worth taking a look at and opted for an all round skincare regime to replace some empties.

double buff
At this time of year I think that we can all appreciate the need for a good exfoliator, one that softly scrubs away the effects of the winter weather and cold temperatures while hydrating it. Exfoliating is something I often forget about doing but having had a number of baths in recent months I'm taking care of my skin much better and exfoliation is something I've found to be equally soothing and rewarding. It's quite relaxing to exfoliate using something that isn't a harsh scrub and that leaves you feeling super clean and smooth rather than soft but a bit raw. I really like Double Buff.

the activist
This one is my favourite. I love an oil when it comes to moisturising so it's nice to get my hands on one that's a little thicker than the others I've used while doing something a little extra. The Activist is said to strengthen and firm as it moisturises and I've noticed a significant difference in the texture of my skin the day after using this oil all over. Especially noticing my skin as stronger in ceriain areas, mainly my thighs.

boob tube
The Boob Tube+ has properties that help to firm as well as protect which is kind of like anti-ageing cream but for your boobs.. I think. It's said to make your bust and décolleté firmer and brighten your skin leaving the area with a healthy glow and I guess more youthful appearance. I can't say I've noticed a difference in that side of things but it's not really a problem area for me at the moment, I will say however that it moisturises well and I'll continue to use it long term as I do with my face creams that are said to offer results.

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