my christmas wish list #3: fashion & accessories

This wishlist could have been so so much bigger, especially since my trip into town on the weekend allowed me to discover so many beautiful new-in season items. New Look especially caught my eye to the point of wanting to walk out with arm loads of goodies from suede calf boots to beaded clutch bags - I want all the stuffs!

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Some people find buying clothes as gifts quote difficult but it's one of my favourite things to give as well as receive. The boys in my family are pretty easy to by for when it comes to clothes; cable knit jumpers, bright coloured tshirts and novelty socks tend to do the trick. As for the girls well that's much more fun! I can go in any one of my favourite stores and find something for one of my three sisters whether it's shoes, bags and accessories or something bigger like a jumper or coat, I'll find an item they'll love. I think when it comes to buying for me people struggle because they think I'm fussy! I wouldn't class myself as fussy, I just have a thing for simple style. I always follow the rule of not buying a printed or patterned item for another person because that's where things can get confused. Go simple and if in doubt go for a muted colour like black, white, beige or grey then it's hard to go wrong.

As with my other Christmas wishlist posts you can click on any item in the above image to go through to it on the website. My favourites are the stone and mink boots (because they're gorgeous!) as well as the wrap-around asymmetric top from River Island and the beige off shoulder jumper from h&m. I do however love every item on this wish list and would be happy for them to make a home in my closet.. (just a small hint for my family :P)

♥ abby


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