gold glitter bath time

It's been so lovely to rediscover my love of baths and it's all thanks to the Lush Halloween and Christmas products. The ethical buying of Lush cosmetics makes me feel much less guilty when shopping and being indulgent than if looking at other cosmetics.I thought I'd share some of the products I'm trying lately because some of these products could make lovely Christmas gifts.

sparkly pumpkin
It's difficult to say I have a favourite Lush product from the selection of bath bits I took home with me recently and yet I find myself wanting to stack sparkly pumpkins high in my bathroom cupboards. I found it wonderfully calming and simple in scent, it made my skin extra soft for days and even did wonders for the condition of my hair. I'll miss my pumpkin when it's gone. :(

the magic of christmas
My mr has used this magical Christmas bubble wand more than me, so far that is. The cinammon in it smells fantastic and fills our bathroom with an undeniably festive feeling. I always find almond oil to be very moisturising and soothing so it's always nice when bath products feature it.

♥ abby


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