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This post has been a long time coming, since June actually because the countdown began way back then, 3 months before my best friends wedding. On 14th June 2015 I presented my best friend with a pretty box full of wrapped gifts, all dated so that she would have a collection of beautiful and useful things to unwrap in the lead up to her big day!

I started with the basic dates from 3 months away in order to help me decide how many gifts to give her and the frequency in which she'd get to open them. This gave me the following 11 occasions...
  • 3 months away
  • 2 months away
  • 1 month away
  • 2 weeks away
  • 1 week away
  • 6 days away
  • 5 days away
  • 4 days away
  • 3 days away
  • 2 days away
  • 1 day away

Of course myself and the other bridesmaid, Hannah, had things planned for the day before like a 'Bride' labelled robe and pants as well as a scrapbook containing photos and things from her hen party in London along with other things.

I didn't photograph any of the goods inside but I will tell you what was in each present and where you can get them in the rest of this post. :)

Here's the break down.

3 months to go - Something blue
As my bestie was struggling her 'something blue' I was left in charge of this important piece of tradition so I bought her this beautiful blue topaz necklace surrounded by rose gold vermeil to match some of the jewellery she'd be wearing on the big day. In the end she paired the pendant with some family pearls and it looked incredibly beautiful, the perfect necklace.

2 months - Something personal
The second gift bore a personal touch as I had the bride and groom's names along with their wedding date engraved on a wooden hanger for her wedding dress. I tied a pretty lace bow around the top of the hanger for it to match in with the theme of the box, this gifts tag, hen favours and other things.

1 month - Something important
One of my favourite gifts was this adorable little personalised ring box engraved to say their intials and the date of their marriage. It's rustic wooden style tied in with the wedding decor, as did the burlap/hessian gift pouch I put it in.

2 weeks - Something pretty
Taking time to sit down and relax in the lead up to the wedding is important I think so I gave the bride a nail polish from the Essie bride collection called 'Bride to Be'.

1 week - Something special
Titled 'this is what it's all about' this gift is a rustic off-white heart shaped photo frame with a photo of my bestie and her Mr when they got engaged. It's a cute reminder of why you might be stressed and that it's all leading up to your special day.

6 days - Something helpful
The week before is all about body preparation, I think anyway.. It's time fot the wax, the eyebrow tint, the hair cut and dye so to help this process along I wrapped up the vaseline spray moisturiser
 as a gift so that she could moisturise without the hassle. This product is brilliant, I love it for a quick moisturise when I don't have time to faff about and wait for it to dry.

5 days - Somthing relaxing
Another gift to help the 'body prep' I mentioned previously, this gift contained my favourite hair mask by James Brown. A hair mask means you can look after your hair and give it an intensive treatment while doing other things at the same time, because every bride is a multi-tasker.

4 days - Something needed
Not knowing what to give on the 4 day countdown gift, I filled this little hessian pouch with a packet of tissues and some love hearts because I knew she'd be super emotional and sweets might perk her up!

3 days - Something cute
Another one of my favourite gifts! I had Hello Floral design and create a personalised phone case for the brides new iPhone 6. It had her new name in bold floral letters on a white background and went down a treat! My bestie along with her freidns and family all love it, I'm so happy with how her 'Mrs' phone case came out!

2 days - Something required
2 days before the wedding I knew my best friend wouldn't be thinking straight, she'd be running everything through her mind, over and over, panicking about forgetting something. That being said I bagged up a lucky charms snack pot to make sure she remembered to have breakfast because it's her favourite cereal.

1 day - Something reminding
The day before I opted to give Kir a simple silver 'Mrs' necklace for her to wear that day, it was little and cute but personal.

That's it! That's all of the gifts and why I chose them, I hope you like the idea! If you create your own Wedding Countdown Gift Calendar for a friend of family member I'd love to hear about it. :)

♥ abby


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