Last Thursday I braved my first (ever) long drive up the M5 by myself so that I could attend the Bristol Fashion Week blogging show and see the amazing Stephanie!

Having not been able to attend Bristol Fashion Week when invited before I wasn't really sure what to expect so was pleasantly surprised to receive a fruit cocktail and popcorn on entry along with a show schedule, raffle ticket and book full of discounts! This wasn't the average LFW catwalk show - it was much more elaborate and engaging which made it about more than just the clothes. The series of walks had a cinema theme to them with each 'screen' dedicated to a movie with animated graphics, loud music and dancing models.

A number of pieces caught my eye, most of which I'll admit were from John Lewis. This John Lewis coat was my of my absolute favourite piece from the entire show and definitely the most memorable. It's a beautiful white and black wool mix with chunky faux fur black trimming around the sleeves and neckline that make it so luxe and glam that I can't help but crave after it!

I also fell for a gown that I saw even before the first screen began. While I was wondering around John Lewis looking for Bridesmaid dress inspiration the symmetrical embellishments and fluted skirt drew me to it and it's beautiful nude-y sister. It was one of the first dresses to walk out during the event so whilst I can't find the dress online I can show you the photo that I took of the mannequins in the John Lewis store. I'm pretty sure it's by Adrianna Papell so I'll definitely be keeping an eye on them in future.

I'll leave you with some more photos of the show and my wandering around The Mall at Cribbs. :)

♥ abby


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