My Autumn Boots Need-list

Fall is upon us! As one of my favourite seasons I look forward to autumn shopping because it's a brilliant excuse to stock up on new boots and grow my collection. The ankle boots, calf boots and knee high boots obsession lives on and I'm convinced that I won't be happy until I have a wall full of them! Quite literally if my interior plans work out. :)  I realised yesterday that I had put 9 pairs of boots in my shopping cart on Spartoo with the view to purchasing them all. I know that is pretty ridiculous but I can't help myself, especially when they're such bargain finds.

I require (yes I actually NEED) a new pair of dark brown boots suitable for both work and casual weekend wear which is why this blog posts is more of a 'need-list' than a 'wishlist'. Ideally they need to sit high enough up my calf to cover the base of my jeans but I wouldn't class them as calf boots necessarily. They need to be a cross between calf boots and ankle boots in order to be my perfect 'everyday' shoes so I've been having a good hunt around my favourite online shoe store.

The problem is, when you browse a website that has so many pairs (over 25,000 shoes just for women) it's easy to get distracted from your mission...

The beautiful heeled taupe boots on the bottom shelf were my main distraction, they're just awesome! BT London keeps catching my eye recently and having owned a pair of their sandals I believe it would be only fair to have a pair of boots too.. fair to myself and my shoe collection. Alas I will have to wait to buy these bad boys, just thought I'd show you anyway. :)

Casual Attitude and Refresh are other brands that I'm leaning toward pretty heavily when browsing for footwear and I have 3 pairs of each brand on my 'need-list' above. The Casual Attitude boots are on the middle top shelf, middle second shelf and left bottom shelf and the Refresh boots are the zip lined brown boots on the top shelf, the pattern lined black boots on the second shelf and black glittered boots on the bottom shelf.

All are perfectly suited to me for their individual reasons both realistically for work/weekends I'm looking at ordering either the zip-detail brown western style boots from Refresh or the chelsea style boots by Elia B which are both on the top shelf.

♥ abby


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