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We came back from Colorado to beautiful weather here in Devon, it almost feels like summer is here already and I'm so unprepared. Before we left three weeks ago the weather was pretty dismal and it was far from warm, my winter clothes were still out, I wore a coat every day and carried around an umbrella but now all of a sudden I don't need any of that. I'm reaching for lighter clothes and sandals instead of heavy boots, It's a bizarre transition that's for sure so I've quickly been reminded of my lack of open shoes, hence this wishlist!

Summer Shoe Wishlist

I mostly need flip flops and sandal styles like the popular Birkenstock designs or wedges that are wearable casually as well as to work so alongside my love for metallics I've found a number of gorgeous pairs that are suitable for my needs. There's a strong theme of light brown, beige and metallic golds throughout these shoes which is definitely what I find myself craving most as I choose outfits daily.

The gold strappy wedges by Michael Kors (bottom left) are easily my favourite heels, they look comfortable and could be worn with a variety of dress shapes, styles and trousers. I think the white wedges by Moony Mood would also be really diverse and as always I'm drawn to white for it's pure and clean beauty.

Some of my favourite flats are embellished so the braided flip flop sandals are perfect and the pair to the right of them, the cross over metallic, beige and white sandals are pretty and simple. They're both suited to quite different types of occasion with the white sole flats for work as well as casual days and I'd wear the embellished flip flops for more dressy events.

I couldn't make a wishlist without throwing in these metallic boots by Moony Mood! They're the perfect summer boot - and yes there is such a thing! I still find a place for ankle boots throughout the summer months, especially during evenings at garden parties and things where cold grass on your toes just doesn't bare thinking about.

I'm also a bit in love with pastel footwear but thought I'd leave that for another blog post seeing as there are so many shoes in this one!

♥ abby


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