little things I love & happy distractions: march

I'm currently on holiday 'Shoop Shoop Shooping' but I prepped my March favourites post for you anyway!Although there isn't a book included in these Happy Distractions I have been continuing to read the Game of Thrones series, I just thought you may be bored of hearing me talk about it.

50 First Dates is an old favourite of mine so when I found out that Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler were pairing up for another rom-com movie I was looking forward to it. I went into blended pretty unaware of the storyline and just wanting to embrace it, it;s a wonderful movie about two single parents that for one reason or another end up on holiday together. It sounds corny and parts of it really are but that's why I love it. They play on the typical and add twists you don't expect. It's really fun, had me in stitches and is definitely worth a watch.

lush honey trap
Oh honey trap how I love this lip balm so. It's sweets and soft and leaves my lips nourished, I've taken this little pot of white chocolate, honey and oils away with me for mountain aftercare and I now it'll do me good. Definitely an all-time favourite, not just from March.

I don't know if you know but I've cut out coffee. I had to because it's another thing that I've unfortunately added to my 'cannot consume' list of things. It's actually instant coffee that I have a problem with, it doesn't make me feel good at all so it had to go, I've therefore been drinking my tea, still sticking to my love of peppermint tea ofcourse but my morning coffee has been replaced with a traditional cup of tea and I'm really enjoying it. I don't feel groggy and because I have less milk in tea I feel more fresh and less weighed down by it all.

asos swing earrings
I'm definitely a fan of the swing earring trend but because of my funny shaped ear holes (thank you teen abby for stretching your left ear) I haven't been able to wear them properly. Asos have loads in stock at the moment so I ordered this grey diamante pair and I love them, they're dressy but easy to wear every day so I donned them a lot through March.

pai rosehip oil
Rosehip oil is a beautiful thing. I recently started using it to clean up my bettered skin and it's been working nicely. I will write a bit more about it in a full skincare post but for now you just need to know I'm a fan. :)

lush pot o'gold
This stuff is amazing! It's a sturdy shower jelly that I bought home from the Lush Plymouth event in March and it smells wonderful! I've used it quite a lot and am surprised that it's still in one piece unlike the shower jelly's I bought before it.

These are wonderful things, I've been taking them since July 2014 and I've seen such an improvement in myself, my skin and the amount of common colds I've had. Hint: none! I take an acai berry and a ginseng capsule every day and I'm so pleased with the results I've had that I had to shout about them again. You can read my full review here.

luca barra heart bunting necklace
Easily my go-to necklace of the month I've worn this Luca Barra necklace so many times that I couldn't keep count. It's good quality rose gold necklace that has a nice weight to it and multiple ways it can be worn. Thanks to the magnetic attached to either side of the necklace it can be worn 4 ways; rose gold bunting, rose gold clover pendant, white diamante bunting, white diamante clover pendant. It's a beautiful thing and so versatile.

mr selfridge
I started watching this on Sunday March 1st and it quickly became one of my favourite things! My love for shopping, fashion, old London and period dramas are all rolled into one with Mr Selfridge, it's like they put it onto Netflix just for me. :D

♥ abby


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