glitter nail obsession

I can't seem to wear normal plain ol' coloured nail varnish alone on my nails anymore, for a long time I've always had a feature glitter nail, full glitter manicure or some sort of glitter nail art adorning my little fingers.

I currently have khaki and rose gold glitter nails but thought I'd show you one of my favourite glitter nail looks from recent weeks, it's a layered nail art that almost has an ombre glitter effect starting at the nail bed and fading out to the tip. I've worn this style a few times now and it always looks a little bit different, it's definitely my go-to nail art for right now.

For these nails I used two different glitter polishes but because they both feature multiple types of sparkles it looks as though I've used more than two pots of glitter nail varnish.

Starting with Essie base coat I then added Essie Chinchilly as my neutral block of colour. Chinchilly is a beautiful medium grey that I find goes with everything which makes it the perfect base for this busy nail. I then used Ciate London Locket on the half moon section of my nails, Locket is an icy silver shimmer polish that has two sizes of silver glitter in it. After that I applied a coat of Nicole by OPI Inner Sparkle half way up the nail and then a lighter coat over the whole nail. This last polish 'Inner Sparkle' has 3 different shades of glitter in 3 different sizes; tiny gold fleck, medium sized lilac glitter and big pink glitter pieces. Lastly I topped it off with my Jacava clear top coat because it's pretty hard wearing.

All of that glitter and shine in one nail makes for a super sparkly and lovely look that I can't get enough of! I'll definitely be wearing it to my friends engagement party next weekend. :)

♥ abby


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