Pawsome Box take 3

This is the third Pawsome Box that Milo has had and whilst I was really disappointed with the second box we found out that changes have been made for the better so decided to give it another shot. This box was great, Milo and I were both really happy with the contents! He loved it and continues to do so!

It really is a dogs life, Milo is so spoilt. Here's what was in the January PawsomeBox..

mutt & jeff chicken biscuits
These crunchy biscuits were the perfect size for Milo and he liked them quite a lot so they worked as a good treat or snack. I'd repurchase them if I saw them on my pet store shelf.

trixie bacon strips
The bacon treats were amazing and I've purchased a bag since because Milo got so excited every time he knew he was getting a bacon strip treat. They've become the perfect reward for good behaviour!

nobbly wobbly
He's only played with this tied up rubber toy once or twice because I don't like him to have too many toys lying around and since he's pretty obsessed with the hot dog toy it hasn't been played with too much. The nobbly bobbly does however seem to be pretty indestructible so far which is always good when coming in contact with a malamutes wolf-like teeth.

super squeak hot dog
The hot dog squeaky toy is Milo's new favourite go to toy, it's the toy he runs for so that he can greet me nd any other guests with something cool. Seriously.. he always does this and gets really annoyed if he can't find the right toy to say hello with.

petgear collar torch
We popped this little LED torch onto Milo's collar for a couple of morning walks because it was dark at the time and I can can see why it would be helpful with a smaller dog but Milo is pretty huge and doesn't really stray away from us too much. He's easy to see, find and comes back to us when off the lead so I've given this little LED collar attachment to a friend whose doggy is quite a bit smaller and has a habit of darting about off the lead, it seems to be working for them so far. :)

rawhide baseball
This was the first thing to disappear from the collection of goodies that came out of the January PawsomeBox. Milo loved it so much that he wanted to eat the thing all at once so we had to keep taking it away from him. usually if we leave a rawhide bone at home with him he'll have it on and off for almost a week but this was gone in three days and it would've been scoffed sooner if Milo had his way!

I thought it would be interesting to compare the cost of this box versus the cost of the items after finding them online. The box costs £19.90 including delivery and the total if you bought these items individually (all found on amazon) is: £29.52  Not bad if you ask me.

My conclusion on PawsomeBox is that it has improved and I'll happily order from them again. If you want your dog to try new things this is a great idea whether you buy it every now and again like me or sign up on a monthly basis. I also love it as a gift idea for when you're stuck for friends and family.. just get their pup a gift box instead! :D

♥ abby
 and milo :)


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