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How to motivate yourself to workout - I've really had to think about this lately because I lost my way recently and completely stopped exercising at home. They say the hardest step is getting off the sofa and it's unreal how true that statement is.
I tell you what though, working out at home is so much easier for me than going out for a run or to the gym - I just don't find those types of exercise enjoyable at all and therefore my motivation is non-existent where they're concerned. That's basically my first tip and so it begins..

Please remember I am by no means a health professional or anywhere near an expert, nor do I exercise every day. I'm on this journey as well and these are just things that I have found out about myself and that I know work for me.

enjoy it!
In order to gain motivation to get up and start something in my opinion you need to enjoy it, I certainly do. Be it the way that a certain type of exercise makes you feel or how much you love the activity itself; if you actually like something about your exercise regime then you're more likely to partake in it often.

give yourself realistic goals
To begin with you need to push yourself but not put yourself off of the idea, so give yourself realistic goals that you know you can achieve. Even if it means that you start off super slow and don't even break a sweat, that's fine! Do that until you're happy, in the habit of doing it and then increase those goals. If my aims intimidate me so much then I don't get off of the sofa. Seriously.

look forward to something
This totally doesn't work for everyone and actually hasn't motivated me at all in the past but some people are easily motivated to reach a long term goal because of an event in the future. For instance, I'm going skiing at the end of the March. I don't have a set goal for this but I basically just need to strengthen my legs and build on my back strength thanks to hurting it almost two years ago. I also need to increase my endurance and stamina which is beginning to come naturally.

remember the good times
I always feel awesome after a good work out. Okay so it's taking me a while to get back to the fitness level I was at when I felt truly great about myself, I was on a natural high, but right now I really do feel good after exercising. I'm tired, look a bit rough and may not seem like I feel good but it's such a great feeling.

find your instagram happy
Again, this definitely doesn't work for everyone but when I'm really struggling I look to Instagram and to all of the fantastic bods on the fashion bloggers and fitness igers I follow. If I'm totally honest this doesn't happen very often because my main aim isn't to look better but to feel better so it's more about the lifestyle, the good food and happy faces that motivate me here.

work it out
Stress is a damn good motivator, unfortunately. A number of times that I've really needed to work things out after a stressful day or week I've pushed myself further than before. Pushing yourself is good, stress is not, but I'd rather take it out on the exercise bike or kettlebell than the people around me!

get your gear on
As it's all about feeling good I like to like what I'm wearing when I work out - None of this sweatpants and a hoody nonsense, I get far too hot for that. I've got a couple of Nike pieces but lately I've found myself eyeing up the new fitness collections from some of my favourite stores. Boohoo launched their FIT exercise collection then Missguided with their Active wear and there are some pieces that would definitely encourage me to work out so that I could wear them.

Other things that you could do to motivate yourself to exercise are things like getting a fitness coach, finding a workout partner or rewarding yourself. I don't do any of these at the moment but that doesn't mean that they won't work. The one thing I will say is that if you're going to reward yourself then make it something you actually want, and that won't turn you back a chapter (i.e. crap food as a well done for reaching a work out goal.. it doesn't make sense!) also don't cheat in order to get the reward because you're only cheating yourself and what's the point in that when the goal is to make yourself feel good?

That's all from me, I hope you liked this post and if it makes a difference just one person I'll be happy. :)

♥ abby


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