#abzski winter boots wishlist

In March I'm heading out to the US again to go skiing and I can't wait! So I thought I'd get a little blog series going all about the preparations that I'm going through for it the trip; i.e. shopping for winter boots or getting back on my fitness regime to strengthen my knees and now my back. I'm calling it #abzski 'coz I'm cool like that.

Footwear is on my mind at the moment because although I have a pair of Uggs - the tall brown kind -  I need some proper winter boots that are going to help my stay up right on ice and snow. So I've been looking on Spartoo at the various brands they have and found that a pair of Sorel boots are probably my best bet. I was also drawn to Helly Hansen boots and a pair by North Face but Sorel have a wider variety of good looking boots in different shades.

Snow boots seem to come in two basic styles, the chunky air filled moon-boot and the lace up style boots that I've gone for. The other style reminds me of snowboard boots and whilst they look like they could keep your toes toasty in a blizzard I'm after something more wearable and still sturdy so I've been browsing the calf high lace-up snow boots instead. They still look perfectly sturdy and like they'll stop me from sliding all over the place on icy paths and snow filled streets - Now (as always) I just need to make a decision and choose my favourite.

♥ abby


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