'testing on bloggers' with the body shop

As a great lover of animals and of course of makeup when invited to be part of this campaign I jumped at the chance because when the RSPCA and The Body Shop join forces you should damn sure be paying attention.
Did you know that there are still so so many animals suffering around the world at the result of cosmetic testing? I certainly hadn't thought about it for some time if I'm honest, because apart from the odd awful farming condition videos I've not seen much in the way of animal news let alone animal testing in my news feed but why not? Surely if it's still going on (which it is!) we should be doing something about it, right?! Have a look at the top 10 companies that are still involving themselves in these practices and why.

Then if you want to, take action - I have and you probably should too.

Now onto the products - products that have not been tested on animals and are still great. This liquid eyeliner is one of my favs, as is the shimmer waves blush. My mum has been using Body Shop shimmer waves for years so she introduced them to me some time ago, they create such a gorgeous tinted highlight that I love. The eyeshadows aren't something i've used before but the pigment is great and whilst the pink is very pink I think it will work well with some plum purple or cranberry shades this party season followed by the white as a highlight for my inner corner and brow bone. The mascara is an easy to wear, easy to use product that I've started carrying around with me as my backup mascara just ran out. If I'm honest I really do prefer a fat plastic applicator but as a backup it's a good mascara to have around. The lipstick is also far too pink for me but the pigment is amazing so I've passed it onto a friend that I know will look great wearing it. :) I also received a soft dense face and body brush as well as a lip or concealer brush which I just love.

♥ abby


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