shopping at the eden project

The Eden Project is one of those places that if you're in Cornwall you have to visit, living just over the bridge it's not a place I go often but when I do (probably once a year or two) I love it. Oddly (or not if you know me well) my favourite thing about going there is visiting their shop! If you don't know already, eden project is made up of fantastic gardens, and a collection of indoor domes that house the largest indoor rainforest in the world . There are sculptures, things to do, learn and play - They even host some fab gigs and Elton John will be playing there next year - It's an awesome setting for concerts!

On to the bits I bought from their shop.. This is my most favourite thing that I become desperate for if I ever run out - so I bought two. :) Chilly Willy chilli oil is fantastic, it's filled with chilli flakes and helps me make the most perfect spicy wedges, it's unreal.

I'd heard of Tregothan tea but not tried any until now, it's amazing! Absolutely the best peppermint tea I've had and it's the only tea grown in England which makes it even better. The little Christmas robin decoration is made using ethically sourced felt and was too cute to resist.

These are almost definitely my favourite olives ever, I haven't has them all year and almost forgot how much I love them, especially the spicy ones! Green olives stuffed with jalapenos marinated in cornish rapeseed oil with chilli and harissa paste - just awesome. :D

These two stockings are handmade one of a kind Christmas decorations that I purchased from an event going on at the Eden Project. The reason we ventured down to Cornwall that day was to attend a fashion show that my sister was in. She modelled a number of outfits on the runway as well as being one of the clothes designers featured and it was amazing! - I'm such a proud big sister. :)

♥ abby


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