milo in lily's kitchen

I think the way that this dog food is packaged is nuts but Milo likes the food a lot which is a big plus point that helps me get over the strange names and over the top packaging design. This starter pack includes a variety of tinned food including the flavours slow cooked lamb hot pot, chicken and turkey casserole, wild campfire stew and beef, potato and vegetable dinner. Then there are two spelt suppers; chicken and lamb, a small bag of venison and duck with salmon dry food. Then last but not least some bedtime biscuits with honey, yoghurt, chamomile and passion flowers. Seriously. And believe it or not Milo goes crazy for those biscuits!

I found this food pack and discovered the Lily's brand using a gift finder, the pet present finder in fact. This is a great idea from More Than pet insurance with some unique brands, toys, foods and technologies that I haven't tried before. Lily's Kitchen boxes were the most intriguing and I'm really please I went for it because it's nice for Milo to have some other dog food aside from chicken biscuits.

I really wish this picture wasn't so blurry, it would be such a lovely photo if the quality were better as Milo is so happy in it. :) Probably because he can smell these fantastic treats!

♥ abby


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