pawsome box review - EDIT: my 2nd box was awful

Milo has been getting pretty spoilt by us in recent weeks which includes the sign up to a different monthly pet gift box - the Pawsome Box. We received his first one last month and so I thought i'd share the contents with you.

These boxes, subscription boxes in general actually, are a wonderful gift idea - It's great to have a box at Christmas for your pets or even gift a subscription to your pet loving family and friends, or a beauty box subscription (which is what I'm hoping for). Providing you accept that because you don't know what you're getting each month there may be some disappointing or 'what the hell is that' moments you'll be fine. The key is to remember that the idea behind this is for you or your pet to be introduced to new brands, products and things you may never have thought to try as well as be sent items that you know well - the 8in1 Fillets for instance.

The Pawsome boxes are at maximum £19.95 but decrease in price depending on how long you sign up for so I thought that I would look into the real value of the box in order to tell whether it's actually worth it or not. My conclusion is that even if I remove the price of the 1 item we didn't like it is still worth double what we paid for it and therefore I will be buying this box again. Just probably not every month because that really would spoil him!

This box contained the following;
8in1 Fillets pro skin & coat £10 (approx)
Biogance protein shampoo £11 (approx)
Trixie roller pop stick £5 (approx)
Muzo Contempo food & treats dispenser $18.95/£15 (approx)
Muzo Doggies foam toy £4.50 (approx comparison as couldn't find it online)
a total of £45.50

The only disappointment from this box was the toy. I didn't really feel it was appropriate for a dog of Milo's size and I'm pretty glad that I gave the toy to my bosses dog (a jackauaua) rather than taking it home to Milo because the mess would not have been fun to clear up. As to be expected dogs destroy toys and whilst this orange spongey toy looks more durable than the the average soft toy the 'nobbly bits' started littering the office floor in seconds.

♥ abby
  EDIT: After being pretty pleased with this initial box I received another one last week and am not a happy bunny! Poor Milo received a tiny blanket that just his head and shoulders fit on, a bag of treats that were smaller that my thumbnail, a tiny flimsy rubber alien slug toy and a couple of other completely unsuitable things. I'm really not happy considering I paid the full £19.95 for this box and it was awful, not suited to his size at all and not worth the amount I paid. Will not be buying from Pawsome Box again. :(


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