little things I like a lot

Rather than sharing too many favourites and not hitting my monthly deadline I'm going to share a few things I like each month. They'll include a beauty pick, a fashion or style piece and a miscellaneous 'thing' such as food, a location, technology or any number of things.

clinique baby tint chubby stick

The Clinique chubby stick is new to my makeup collection and I absolutely love it. I hope that they bring out more shades for me to try but for now Coming Up Rosy is just perfect. The baby tint chubby stick is not a highly pigmented product but rather a natural looking tinted balm that is super silky and soft making it easy to apply and long lasting.

iconemesis coffee phone case

I've picked up a few new phone cases in recent weeks thanks to having a new phone that needs my protection, this is one of them. This case from Iconemesis is littered with pretty painted illustrations that all relate to coffee! Although I've cut my coffee intake down to one cup a day I still love a pretty cup of cappuccino and a spiced or egg nog latte for a proper coffee shop - bring on the red cups!

♥ abby


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