my first book giveaway NOW CLOSED

I haven't given away a book before (let alone 5!) but it's only recently that I started talking about the books I'm reading on my blog and as I mentioned in my previous post; I'd like to discuss them more. This month I have my head in three books, one of which is this one by Rick Riordan and subsequently I have 5 copies of it to giveaway.

My latest read is called Heroes of Olympus - The Lost Hero.I love Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus series of books is the continued story of the demi-gods and their adventures. This is the first of 6 books in the series but the last one was just released (The Blood of Olympus) so consider this giveaway a celebration of that if you will.

So far I really like this book and I'm looking forward to getting hold of the full series, it's worth a read and if you'd like to start where I am then you can enter to win a copy below. :)

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Good luck.

♥ abby


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