little asos order

I've started doing my christmas shopping which may seem crazy to some of you. If I don't start now then as the weeks count down I'll worry about getting it done in time! I'm a bit of a worrier and that's why I like to be organised so with only 9 weekends to go until Christmas i'm surprised that I haven't started sooner. Collected in a spreadsheet (for real) I have a rough idea and in some cases specific links to gifts that I want to get for my friends and family. My first gift purchase was from ASOS at which point I had to buy a couple of things for myself of course.

These Religion skinny jeans were too good a deal to pass up on at £26 instead of the usual £65. They fit beautifully and have jumped to the top of my favourite jeans pile. The mini pearl stud earrings were £7 in the sale which is great for 9 sets of different coloured teeny pearl earrings, they're the perfect studs for my second hole piercings. :)

♥ abby


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