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I've been taking these supplements every day for a month now and I'm enjoying the benefits that I'm getting from the goodness in them. My skin although still spotty is much clearer and more manageable which is great when you consider that I haven't changed my makeup or skincare routine recently, nor have I changed my diet in a way that would contribute to clearer skin.

I thought I'd write a little bit about what I understand each tablet brings to helping my body health and fitness as I have just made my second order from myvitamins. I calculated that I will run out during my holiday that's coming up so have just ordered these 3 packs again.

This little white tablet of total ginseng is not so little and can be a buggar to get down some mornings but it hasn't stopped me from ordering my next 60 days worth of tablets.

The health benefits of taking ginseng range from improving circulation to delaying tiredness so here's the official list;

Known for health benefits such as immune boosting
Cognitive boosting properties - Improves mental processes such as attention, memory, problem solving and creativity
Thought to improve circulation
Improves oxygen absorption
Delays mental and physical fatigue
Help reduce blood sugar levels

I've personally noticed that I'm not so tired in the afternoon and my immune system has been given a boost - at least it seems that way at the moment because a lot of my friends and colleagues have been sick recently.

green tea extract
I've now run out of these little green tea extract tablets and moved onto the acai berry paired with a ginseng each day but I took one a day for a month and have to admit that I have definitely seen a difference in my skin. My spots have been visibly reduced. Here's the official list of benefits the green tea extract should bring to the table;

Highly effective antioxidant which helps healthy ageing
Rids of harmful free radicals- this promotes healthy ageing, immune function and other important bodily functions
Ideal for improving general health and supporting the immune system

acai berry extract
Probably my favourite supplement and the one that has the most promise. I have only just started to take these acai berry extract tablets but here's what benefits are talked about when it comes to this super-food and one of the most powerful antioxidants out there.

Powerful antioxidant
Neutralise and remove free radicals
Extremely positive effect on healthy ageing, immune system function and other important bodily functions

I'm hoping for further improvements to my skin and general health with this one, I'll keep you updated. :)

I'm interested to know which vitamins or supplements work for other people, Do you take any?

♥ abby


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