my reef flip flops

I originally discovered Reef flip flops thanks to my dad during a weekend of camping. We were having a barbecue after just arriving at the site so naturally the bottles of Devon and Cornwall cider came out but could we find the bottle opener anywhere? No. It appeared that this crucial camping tool had been left at home when my dad had a light bulb moment, he took off one of the flip flops he was wearing at the time and proceeded to pop the bottle cap from the cider using the bottom of the shoe! At this point Shaun and I looked completely baffled! It turns out he had sandals with bottle openers built into the bottom of each shoe which is why they didn't pack one in the first place.

So about a month later I remembered these amazing reef sandals, quickly found a pair I liked in the ‘fanning’ range and ordered them. I have quite a few pairs of fashion flip flops that I love (I really do!) but I may as well have wood strapped to my feet in comparison to the comfort of Reef flip flops. These comfortable women's sandals with arch support are not only great because they're soft and spongy they are also supportive meaning you can wear them for much longer than the average flip flop. Another huge benefit with these is that no matter how long you wear them they just don't rub your feet. Whether it's in between toes, the straps themselves or even the sole I've found that they don’t rub at all, my feet can breathe and they don't get too hot on the sole.

Reef of course do a lot of other style conscious comfortable shoes for women as well as my pair of bottle opening sandals. I really like the brown and pink 'mallory scrunch' sandals because of the braid strap and leather detail. Reef is a brand that I've admired and shopped for quite a few years, especially when with my Nan and visiting the surf shops dotted around our beautiful Devon coast. It's one she always encouraged me to look at because they do things properly. I've always known that Reef make high quality bohemian style products that look great.

♥ abby


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