craving: colourful bikers

I do have a slight obsession with biker jackets, or moto jackets if you prefer, so when shopping for more colours I thought I'd pop some of my favourites into a blog post. I was originally looking for a pastel shade jacket, a mint or baby blue but came across so many different colours including vibrant shades of coral and teal which I just love and know that I could and would wear often.

The biker jackets are so easy to style and go with almost everything so I'm convinced that if I have enough of a variety of colours and materials I can easily wear them throughout the different seasons. At this point I own two black, a cropped studded black and one nude imitation leather jacket, a sleeveless floral jacket and a nude silk biker jacket or top so I'd like the perfect transitioning biker next.

What do you think, are you a fan or do you find the motorcycle style jackets overrated?

the links list:
1. coral  2. teal suede  3. pastel pink wool  4. yellow
5. sleeveless peach  6. vibrant green  7. pink  8. cobalt blue
9. light pink  10. pastel blue  11. mint green  12. baby blue

♥ abby


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