a life update with milo in the bluebells

I've seen quite a lot of pictures of bluebells over the last few days so it's not likely my photos will be very different to other peoples apart from the big furry malamute in the middle of them of course! On Sunday my boyfriend, Milo and I set off on our usual walk near our house and decided to go off the path, across the stream and up a hill to find this beautiful little woods with bluebells and wild garlic that went on for days! Or rather 2 km as my walking app tells me. It was just gorgeous and I couldn't stop taking photos.

I haven't put any pictures of Milo on my blog for a little while, nor have I done a sort of 'life update' either as truth be told there isn't a whole lot to tell. Milo is well though a little skinny (yes, really) so we're trying to beef him up a bit and get him more interested in his food. He loves gravy and ham and carrots so we're just introducing those along with some special dog recipe cakes and meat chunks in gravy dog food which he loves but I don't like to give him too much of. Other than that he's still a lovely happy snuggly puppy and he's almost 2 years old which will make him an adult. :( My baby boy is growing up.

This field was at the bottom of the woods and Milo loved it there! I've published a little video on my instagram of Milo bounding through it as he got so excited!

Last week I had a cleanse of my wardrobe with help of my best friend and we did a swap shop. I still have a rather full carrier bag of clothes that either don't fit me or I don't show enough love to so i'll be putting up a blog post with those in soon. I'll probably have a sort through my beauty, hair care and skin care products as well so keep an eye out for that.

This years holiday is booked! We'll be going back to Portugal again but this time on a bit of a group holiday, kind of like couples retreat but without the therapy. I've never actually been on a group holiday with friends before so it should be fun.

I'm still exercising here and there and eating healthily most of the week - though when I say eating healthily I don't mean in an extreme way, I've basically just cut out most of the crap like fast foods, crisps, biscuits etc instead. I don't count calories, I don't buy gluten free etc anything I just opt for tasty healthy options instead. Oh and I'm drinking much much more water which is a huge deal for me as I've always been terrible at keeping hydrated.

I think that's about it really, there are probably other things but this was supposed to be a quick blog post. Hope you're all well. :)

♥ abby


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