the secret of toms

I was so excited when my new aztec Toms sandals arrived last week and I'm even more excited to wear them! Bring on the warmer weather for my tootsies :)

Okay so I may not be able to wait for warmer weather; I'm too impatient and these brown leather woven sandals feel so comfy and cushioned. I really want to wear these bad boys soon!

I named this post the secret of Toms because up until recently I was completely unaware that Toms made shoes other than their classic espadrille design. They have flip flops (like these) and wedges (like these) and some gorgeous wedge booties perfect for spring/autumn so I'll have to get myself a pair of those too. I was surprised to find this out and that actually, their range of shapes and sizes is pretty good, the shoes are so beautifully made and the company are obviously proud of their brand. The business even give away a pair of shoes to a child in need with every footwear purchase made, the scheme is called One for One and they have even expanded it to include other products so that they are always helping people in need in a variety of different ways.

Not only is the craftsmanship of their shoes fantastic but the company ethics are too! As you can tell I'm very impressed with Toms as a whole so I'll be sure to consider them when shoe shopping from now on. :)

I love discovering brands like this!

♥ abby


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