craving: playsuits

I feel like I need more playsuits in my life, structured, overlapped, lace and chiffon.. playsuits are super cute and easy to wear day to night. I've never been one for jumpsuits though, I'm actually a little scared to try those on if i'm honest as I can't quite see them suiting me and i'm not sure of an occasion where I would choose to wear a jumpsuit instead of a dress or playsuit.

Playsuits can be floral and floaty or tailored and kind of perfect for work so it's no wonder that a lot of people are opting for this shorts and top all in one instead of a dress. I think they're spot on for holidays and summer fun in the sun but also great paired with tights and a cardi or bomber/biker style jacket during the autumn and spring-time months. This season i've found myself perusing the playsuit online categories even more than usual and here are my top picks of the moment.

monochrome ethnic playsuit | floral halterneck playsuit | structured bubblegum pink playsuit
pastel blue structured playsuit | nude wrap embellished playsuit | white embellished shoulder playsuit
contrast sleeve tshirt playsuit | black lace sleeve playsuit | dogtooth scallop playsuit
red tailored playsuit | 3/4 sleeve wrap over playsuit | coral and black lace trim playsuit

♥ abby


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