my must haves: benefit how to look the best at everything

I received this cute little benefit set for Christmas and because I love all of these things it's the perfect travel set for me with a great name - How to Look the Best at Everything.

All that I intend on wearing during the nice weather that will eventually come our way is Porefessional with a little Boing and before I manage to tan some powder and a small amount of foundation will be needed so this is the perfect collection of mini's for any summer holidays I may take this year.

Porefessional is one of my favourite products overall at the moment, it's beautiful silky finish is the perfect base - I must remember to write a bit more of a review soon!

hello flawless oxygen wow
I've only tried Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow at a couple of benefit makeovers but have found the colour match to be good and the staying power great when used with porefessional and the hello flawless powder.

Boi-ing is great for warmer weather, I use Erase Paste every day until gets too hot because I don't need the dewy coverage that it gives. Boing is perfect because it's a little drier, a little more matte and relatively thin making it great for hot weather coverage of blemishes and/or sleepy under-eye circles!

hello flawless powder
As with the foundation, I'd only used the Hello Flawless Powder when at a benefit counter and now after using it a number of times i'm going to have to get the full sized product so that I don't use all of my 'holiday powder'.

♥ abby


  1. Please do write a review on the porefessional as I've had my eye on it for a while, just not tried it yet. With foundations though, I think you really need to try them first to colour match.


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