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Some of you will be aware that I changed jobs late last year and I couldn't be happier from doing so. I moved because the business I worked for previously was quite a toxic environment for a number of reasons and i'm still so pleased that I moved back to the company where my love affair with the inter-webs began!

Being happy in your job is so important, it shouldn't just be a place where you turn up to get paid. I believe that everyone should enjoy their work. If monkey's, cats' and dog's can have great jobs so can you! Yes I said monkeys have jobs.. this article on Huffington Post about animals that work is so lovely and it shows how the world is helped and supported by everyone involved.

There are a selection of articles that are being published on The Huffington Post Twinings Infusions content portal that all surround the idea that we should Make Work Wonderful, this interesting concept is being sponsored by Twinings Infusions and I have to say that I absolutely agree that this is something that we all should do somehow. Making your work life wonderful can be addressed in so many ways, whether this means that you decide you'd like a new place to work, a new career or just some different scenery then that's great, go for it! If you are considering a move then check out the article on the best places in the UK to work. It's true what they say about Bristol; "High earning potential, low cost of living, low unemployment rates and happy citizens.." I know a lot of people that have made the move up to brizzle and are incredibly happy with their work and home lives.

You may of course be perfectly happy in your place of work but instead you see others that are struggling - You can make work wonderful by supporting others and offering to help or even by being the doughnut delivery service from time to time :D Bringing treats into the office is simple but effective, we often have great tasting freshly ground coffee from Owens Coffee and naughty treats like cookies and doughnuts in our office which never fail to bring some happiness to the team.

I know this what a slightly different blog post to my usual but I hope that you liked it all the same because I enjoyed writing it :)

♥ abby


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