craving: ash ankle boots

I have loved these boots for two years, craving all of the colours, wishing, wanting and now it's finally time. It’s time that I made something of my lust and saved a little to get these gorgeous bad boys! Of course i'm speaking about the beautiful Ash ankle boots, Jalouse in particular. At the moment though i'm stuck part way between the colours available on From left to right we have black, woodash, mole and camel - the camel pair are the Spiral design rather than Jalouse but they’re so similar that I love them just as much and would be so happy with either of them.

My next pair of ankle boots must be easy to wear so the alternative that I have my eye on are a pair of Caterpillar boots. They are slightly cheaper but really quite different to these sophisticated Ash boots, the problem is that I love ankle boots like these but also find myself looking at the chunkier biker style quite often.

Please help me pick a colour to look forward to. :)

♥ abby


  1. really lovely and versatile ash coloured ankle boots! they are great for different seasons too!

    Check out my blogpost featuring UNIF holographic and origami goodness! :)
    AL xx
    RASSP blog


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