an autumn wishlist

I love when the autumn shades hit the high street stores, rich teals deep red and a whole tonne of black and cream cover ups, knitwear, layering .. ah it gets me so excited! So much so that i've done a little wishing on the Bon Prix website - I especially after the leather peplum skirt and stone lace up boots .. dreamy. I want to jump on the fur collars trend as I seemed to miss it last year, the same goes for peplums .. I have two peplum vest tops but the designs aren't structured enough, not like these leather pieces.

A trend that i'd like to brave this upcoming aw13 season is tartan, be is a vibrant red dress like this one or a deep blue plaid shirt.I really like the idea of wearing something red and striking but tough and with a punk element to it. Maybe I should consider getting on the bandwagon of tying an oversized check shirt around my waist .. Dani Song wears it so well, it’s got to be worth a shot :)

The main trends for this autumn winter season include boyish tailoring and oversized outerwear which I’m not very excited about if I’m honest .. What I do like the sound of are the punk, grunge and tartan themes that hit the catwalk with leather, zips harsh edges and all the rest of it hitting the stores again I’m going to be pretty happy on the highstreet. Oddly the colour pink is to be a bit of a trend too, but we’re talking a dusky rose or the usualy rich berry shades with a touch more pink to them which doesn’t sound too spring-like really. I quite like the idea of dusky rose knitwear and bright berry nails and gloves so this is one that ill keep my eye out for.

Why trends are you excited for as the dark evenings and cooler weather creep in?

♥ abby


  1. I need that jacket abby! It's perfect xo

    1. Yo mean the grey biker? I really like that one! :) x


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