luxurious treats from hotel chocolat

Warning: Lots of photos of really yummy chocolates ahead! :)

Hotel Chocolat are the creators of truly beautiful chocolate treats and I have been given the opportunity to help Millenium Hotels choose which luxury treats suits their hotels the most. Yummy! Having stayed at the Copthorne in Plymouth, I know first hand the impeccable service that they provide as well as the impressive interiors so I think that I can help choose a suitable treat to represent them :)

I think of all of the Millenium Hotels i'd love to stay in the windsor hotels the most, an executive suite would be nice with a trip down the road to Thorpe Park the next day, yes purlease :)

eton mess
This eton mess is full to the brim of flavour and a great mix of texture, I just loved it and I will buy more :) My only complaint (which is mad) is that it's so chunky I found it hard to break up.. but surely that isn't a bad thing and i'm just weak. The Eton Mess is a british classic and it's so pretty! I think that it would represent the Millenium Hotels pretty well.

These really lovely smooth pea sized chocolates are great. I took them with me as a dog walking snack and they were perfect to carry around. They are more white chocolate than milk, though they don't appear to be .. a lovely surprise for some but maybe not for everyone. White chocolate is my favourite so no complaints from me :)

salted caramels
Beautifully oozingly soft salted caramel, these are amazing. The downside (or upside depending on how you look at it) is that you can't eat more than one or two at a time, well I couldn't. The salted caramel as lovely as it is, is salted and I just can't seem to eat that much of it at once.

billionaire's shortbread
Billionaire and Millionaire shortbread are favourites of our household so these were treats that Shaun couldn't wait to try. The second I opened the packaging, the smell hit me and I loved it, the filling is super smooth and each chocolate is a good mouthful. These are probably my second favourite from this collection.

milk smiley lick
Smiley lick? Oh no.. i'm not patient enough for that. I think that they missed a trick with that name. Made with the Hotel Chocolat luxury soft chocolate it's plain and tasty :) Perfect for children and adults with allergies - Or fussy boyfriends that just want to eat the smiley face..

For me, Eton Mess most suits Millenium Hotels. Without a doubt. Plus with everything i've said about these gorgeous chocolates.. I finished the eton mess first and that's got to count for something :)

How hungry are you after all of these photos and talk of chocolate? :P

♥ abby


  1. I absolutely love Hotel Chocolat - everything is so yummy. xxx

  2. I got this pack for christmas and the gemstones were by far my favourite. I need to take a trip to Hotel Chocolat to pick up more! x

  3. Hotel Chocolat is definitely one of our weaknesses, we go in just for the free samples! xx

    1. Hehe that's a pretty good move! :) x

  4. Oh my goodness. That eton mess looks amazing! :) <3

  5. Hotel Chocolat is my favourite chocolate - so delicious (although my bank balance doesn't quite agree lol).

  6. I can never resist hotel chocolat. Don't even get me started hehe!
    I just adore literally almost everything in there!
    Can never resist the free bites that you get in store too!

    1. I didn't realise they did sample chocolate bits until writing this post, definitely going to have to get myself some of that :P x

  7. I love Hotel Chocolat, but I haven't had of their chocolate in ages but now I really feel like I should!


    1. Definitely worth a swing by :) Every time I walk past the door it smells gorgeous too mmm x

  8. Yum, yum, yum! I would like to see all of this on my pillow please! x


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