craving: practical winter style

practical winter style

Casual wear for day to day can seem somewhat drab, as chilly weather means having to combine practicality with style but this doesn’t mean that fashion should be compromised. There are a range of brands offering cool casual looks that will ensure you stay wrapped up against the cold. Superdry is a rapidly growing brand, with over 70 stores across the UK and more than 100 overseas. The brand begun as a market stall in Cheltenham, so its founders should know a thing or two about creating fashionable items which are also practical. As well as T-shirts and hoodies, Superdry sells cosy jackets with features like polar fleece linings and thumbholes in the sleeves so you can keep your hands warm.

Combining practicality and fashion can seem a difficult task, but keeping to some simple style rules means you can stay looking hot and feeling warm this season. For the winter a mac or trench coat is ideal, as it is not too bulky, while the longer length will ensure you stay snug. Alternatively, channel the utility trend in a sports-style coat, great for city streets and countryside walks.

Rainy pavements and frozen roads can be a nightmare if walking in heels so avoid accidents and opt for practicality instead by replacing them with ankle boots. The huge selection of flat boots available means that even this essential seasonal purchase can combine practicality with flair. Classic riding boot styles are a good investment, too.

By wearing utility trends and sturdier footwear, you can look great and still be protected against our less than kind british weather.

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  1. I love the Superdry jackets! I've mostly been wearing my waterproof jacket lately due to the annoying snow! Probably not the most stylish thing I own but I can't stand being freezing all the time! The one you posted about is lovely though. xxx

    1. I love the waterproof Superdry jackets, the finger holes in the sleeves make them lovely and warm too :) I want some snow! Jealous xx


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