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Seeing as it is now officially the season to be jolly, I think it's time to start thinking about present giving - properly this time. Throughout October and November I find myself making lists of vague ideas on what to buy my friends and family but it isn't until December that I actually get a kick up my bum and and decide to buy things. So with that in mind, let's consider the males in our lives and what on earth to buy them. I always find guys the most awkward to give to so this is why I am starting my christmas giving series with them.

1. For the man who likes tan - but not of the fake kind. This iPhone case is a gorgeous leather and comes in a swish box which makes it a lovely present.

2. Every guy needs some sort of christmas jumper and okay this cream knit may not be that christmassy but I challenge you not to picture the guys in your family wearing it whilst holding a mulled wine and singing carols - It's brilliant!

3. A great joke/completely functional present - These pop phones are great fun ad work with laptops, tablets and phones. I use mine with my iPhone 5 and love it! You'd be surprised how much we have genuinely been using it around the house.. pretty good for a joke present. And if you need to convince your Mr that it's a good idea show him the picture of Lenny Kravitz wandering the streets with his!

4. Every year, someone will receive a bag from me and that bag will be stuffed full of their other gifts. Last year it was my sister but this year i'm eyeing up the mens bags. This brown airline bag is a good size and would fit a number of my other picks in it.. hmmm.

5. We seem to have a thing about breaking and losing headphones in our house and i'm sure we're not the only people that can't seem to keep a pair of headphones for longer than 6 months. They are a small and easy thing to give at christmas so why not pop a red, blue or black pair under the tree.

6 & 8. You can't get more basic than boxers and a belt but the boys need them so we buy them. Maybe throw some chunky socks in the mix as well.

7. A hat is a great present because it's unlikely that they'll buy one themselves. I see so many guys wandering the streets with bright red and very cold ears and it makes me want to hand out cosy beanies.

9. I have learnt that men like functional things recently and I think that it may be an instinct thing because even my younger brother doesn't seem to care about the brand names so long as the product in question is functional in some cool way. These Dubarry Galway boots are just that.. they have the durability of a walking boot and are waterproof like wells, great for those long dog walks.

I hope this christmas giving blog post has helped you with the men in your life as much as it seems to have helped me :)

If you have any tips or ideas yourself, i'd love to hear them.

Thanks for reading! :)

♥ abby


  1. I love the jumper and the hat, I think I'd even wear that jumper it looks so cosy! I really like the idea of filling the bag with lots of little presents too :) x

    1. It does doesn't it! I think i'd probably wear it to to be honest :) And the hat :P xx

  2. such a good post seeing as i hate buying for my boyfriend, hes so picky! xx

    1. Thanks lovely i'm glad that you liked it! Hope he isn't too much of a pain :) xx

  3. great ideas!


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