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I'm currently packing up my life ready to move next month and have nowhere to take outfit photos thanks to a mound of boxes. Though, I've been pretty slack lately anyway.. Life really does take over and even though i'm desperate ti update regularly and keep my blog alive, i find myself working more and using any actual free time to do pretty much nothing because except a break from the computer screen.

I wanted to show you a sort of outfit gallery, but not my usual kind. These are all outfits that I have styled using Fantasy Shopper, some include items that I genuinely own and others contain pieces that are on my 'to buy' or wish list. Anyway I figured i'd show you a little collection of these because I find FS really useful when it comes to seeing what works well with clothes that I have and checking that something new that I have my eye on will look good with them too. I fantasy shopped all of these items from real high street stores and created these looks so I hope you like them :)



♥ abby


  1. Good luck with the move, Abbzzzwaa! ;) I constantly feel like I have no time to blog or even Tweet recently, who woulda thunk it?! Absolutely love that first outfit with the studded bralet and pink maxi skirt, and the pink buttoned shirt dress outfit is definitely my kinda thing. xxxx

  2. Ok, I sort of want every outfit here :/ Hope your move goes well

  3. All gorgeous outfits, can you imagine having ALL of this? Aaaah if only.

  4. Fab outfits! Love them all! Fantasy shopper is such a good idea as I often buy things that don't actually go with anything I own - perfect!
    Lianne :)

  5. AnonymousJuly 28, 2012

    so, when can i hire you as my stylist?! i'm in love with all these outfits! so gorgeous, and best of luck for your move lovely! :) xxx

  6. I've awarded you the Liebester blog Award, you can find out more info on my blog xx

  7. These outfits are brilliant! I especially like the shorts and cropped tee combo with the pink canvas shoes. I've never seen 'fantasy shopper' until now, I think I might just waste my Sunday on it ;)

  8. some really cool outfits, love the tiedye trousers

    - ordaining serendipity

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  10. Love every single outfit, wish this was my wardrobe!

  11. when you said a lot of outfits your really meant it! These are all stunning! You have a really great sense of style and i would happily wear any of the above!


  12. oh my god, sooo many lovely outfits!


  13. You've got some great taste, lady! ;)
    I want most things in all of those outfits!
    Fashion Infatuation


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