the £100 outfit challenge : bershka

Evening girlies! I have my second £100 outfit challenge. It feels a little odd putting an outfit together this way. Since fantasy shopper I am so used to layering the tee and shaping it so it fits around the jeans or shorts etc and there just not being a model in the photos. It makes it easier to invisige an outfit this way I think. But hey ho this is what I see when I look at bershka at the moment.. sleek leather trousers with uber soft and flattering oversized tees and shirts. That put together with some amazing gold and black accessories I found on the website and we have a definite winter warmer swanky outfit for me. I have lots of birthday dinners and drinks coming up and this is absolutely something i'll be attempting for my casually-dressy look that appeals so much these days.

♥ abby


  1. love this outfit you have put together!

  2. Aaah I love that ring, wish I could afford the real House of Harlow stuff :P Emailed you earlier by the way Abby :D xxxx

  3. What a fantastic idea! Love the outfit! xx

  4. Thank you girlies!! :) xx

  5. The shoes are gorgeous!
    Lucy x

  6. this would make a great outfit
    I love the trousers

    Serendipity Style Blog

  7. Love everything! But I think I may have to go rob a bank now... :$

    ~Hannah xx


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