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Here it is, the one you've all been waiting for (or not).. the hair post. Who knows why you guys ask so much about my hair! But thats neither here nor there, this is going to be a long one so lets get on with it.

I will start by saying that my hair does not look good up close. You may think it's in good condition in photos / from afar but it's not. Especially recently as I went 8 months without a hair cut and further to that another 2 months before last thursday when I had a drastic trim (2-3 inches!) If i do not cut my hair within 2 months it is overloaded with split ends again. In saying all of that right now at this moment in time it's looking alright because of the recent chop so can't complain.

styling tools
what tools do you use to get your hair looking like that?
my fingers. best tools in the world. I use my fingers for brushing throughout the day because it doesn't snag and pull on hair, for drying by fluffing it as mentioned below and all sorts.
 nutri heat hair dryer (without the tablets)
 old ghds
 new mini cloudnines - 

my waves
how do I create my natural wave?
It's no science.. in fact it's really lazy but i'll go through my step by step process any way so you can see how lazy I am.

shampoo with aussie mega or frizz
 condition with aussie 3 minute mirracle for 2-3 minutes
 loosely brush through with paddle brush
 spritz aussie leave in conditioner throughout
 leave to dry, mine takes around 2-3 hours depending on the weather (seriously)
 whilst drying, loosely fluff with fingers every now and again
 once dry, lightly spritz aussie leave in conditioner through the length and ends
 spray a small amount of hair spray through length
 tweak and rough up until happy. and done

So as you can see there's not really a lot to my look.. Not too much effort or technique at all but it that such a bad thing anyway?

I do this as little as possible but lately in the mornings I have gotten so lazy that it's much easier and quicker to straighten my hair before work. When it comes to straightening I use almost the same technique but almost always blow dry my hair instead of leaving it to dry as it's a huge time saver before work.

 shampoo with aussie mega or frizz
 condition with aussie 3 minute mirracle for 2-3 minutes
 loosely brush through with paddle brush
 spritz aussie leave in conditioner throughout
 apply ghd heat protect spray
 blow dry as normal
 once dry, separate layer and spritz with ghd heat protect spray then straighten. repeat until full head is done
 spray a small amount of hair spray through length to hold

summer hair
Much like my waves i'm quite lazy when it comes to my hair in the summer though I do do a couple or extra things. The first being hair masks /deep conditioning treatments. In summer my hair becomes more dry, no matter what I do it just needs more moisture (partly due to part 2 of this section) and so i do a fortnightly mask. My go to product for this is tresemme's and it always has been. If anybody can give me any recommendations on one they know is better and as cheap then fab but this works brilliantly in restoring some life, moisture and just making it feel fantastic and well cared for. I love this hair mask.

Part 2 is something that can be really bad for your hair.. I create my own sea salt spray, now don't veer off when I say this because it really isn't all that bad. Follow my recipe below and I think you'll be happy with the results.

♥ half fill an empty spray bottle with water (preferably a new one - I use the travel section in superdrug)
♥ add a quarter of your chosen leave in conditioner. (for me this is aussie, of course)
♥ shake it up a bit to dilute the conditioner
♥ now add 2 teaspoons of your chosen sea salt, you may want to use a funnel for this! (I use SAXA fine sea salt from the supermarket)
♥ an optional part for you blondes.. add juice from half of a fresh lemon
♥ now give it a good shake and leave in a cool dry play for a day for the salt to dissolve

This should last about 3-4 weeks before you'd need to make another what with the lemon juice being in there. With the juice it will keep for longer.

hair accessories
As you can see the majority of my hair accessories are flowers, they are pretty much the only thing that I deem acceptable to wear in my hair. Any Crown and Glory fans will notice that almost my entire collection is from there :)

Recommended products I reach for all of the time:

Umberto Giannini morning after dry shampoo
♥ Fructis bouncy curls mousse
♥ James Brown shine and fragrance mist - a great hair refresh after a long day. mostly used after dry shampoo
♥ Avon dry ends serum - see why here
♥ John Frieda sheer blonde shine balm - smooths the strays and adds texture without flattening - My go to after blow drying
♥ Aussie miracle hair insurance - There are no words. okay maybe 2, life saver
♥ GHD style heat protect spray - incredibly light for a heat protectant (which is what we all need!) and smells amazing. I don't even need to explain why, you just need it.

hair dye
I have not dyed my hair for a very long time. So long in fact that I can't remember. Yes this is why my hair looks multi tonal at the moment and no I did not mean for this to happen. I decided some time again that I was to stop putting my hair through the horrible process and save myself some hassle too. This led me to let the dye grow out though I was using Garnier Nutrisse Camomille and leaving it on for around an hour so it had become very light. after just over a month I used a brown dye to darken my hair closer to my natural colour, it was a disaster and was horrendously patchy (Onna can vouch for that) I left it for about 3 weeks and bought 2 dark blonde dyes (Garnier Nutrisse Almond) and tried again. The tone evened and was closer to my natural colour than before. Since then I have left it, washed and treated as normal and this is where i'm at. No more dye for me I want my natural colour back!

I think that I have covered everything. It's been quite hard keeping track of all questions but i'm sure this is it. If not then my apologies! Please comment below if you have any more questions of course! I hope that you enjoyed this post, let me know what you think :)

Also, I will probably do my frequently asked skin care questions next so if you have any questions for me to add to the list, please email me at

♥ abby


  1. Great post babee xxx You have such lovely hair. Them hair accerssories are adorable. xxx

  2. Love the montage at the end, fab post. i wish i had blonde hair! x

  3. I love the hair history! you've changed loads over the years x


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