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A different post from me today but this is a place where I share my finds and loves and this is definitely something I found and love! It's called The Energy Cup. This contraption is like a mini brita filter for your office or on the go and it has come in handy so much for me already! I am not one for drinking tap water, I hate it. It's grainy, tastes funny and leaves a stale taste in my mouth so a couple of weeks ago I went on the hunt for a hand held water filter or a water filter cup /drinking bottle. After quite literally searching the internet high and low I came across which is where I found my new friend, The Energy Cup.

how to use
unscrew and remove the blue drinking cap
 fill the blue section with tap water
 watch as the water filters through to the clear section
 when leveled you can put more water in the blue section
 push the black cap back and forth to open and close
 to empty clear section unscrew and remove the black cap

eh voila. so easy and so convenient

I have managed to get a 15% discount available to for you guys that may be after one of these! The discount code is : AbbzzwOFFER See below for terms /directions of use. 

Visitors to this blog page can claim 15% off the price of one or more Energy Cups using the Coupon Code AbbzzwOFFER which is valid at until 31st August 2011. Just confirm at least one Energy Cup in your shopping basket, then go to the "View Cart" page using the link in the box on the RHS of each page, enter the Coupon Code in the box marked "Coupon Code" then press "Update". You should then see your discount applied – if not check that your browser is set to allow cookies. P&P will be added to the price of your items according on the goods ordered and the delivery address.

Let me know if you buy one of these bad boys! Some outfit posts coming up in the next couple of days and if you're lucky we'll have a post from my other half fairly soon :)

♥ abby


  1. This is pretty cool but i probably wouldnt use it and still buy bottled water haha

    check out my new post xx

  2. What a great idea. I love the taste of filtered water so much more too xx

  3. This looks like a fab idea, I love my brita filter :) x

  4. That's such a neat idea, though I'm actually one of those weirdos that loves tap water.

  5. That's so neat, such a good way to get yourself to drink more water!

  6. I love this idea, however we have a water dispenser in our office so I probably would get much out of it xx


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